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Edith Cowan House Morning

Short Fiction Stories Under 600 Words With Susan Midalia

Short Fiction: Stories Under 600 Words (FINISHED)

7th March 2015 (1.30-4.30pm) Short Fiction Stories Under 600 Words with Susan Midalia

Members $38 or Non Members $48

Writing a short story of less than 600 words means giving readers a bracing shot of whisky instead of a mature bottle of wine. It means recreating the thrill of a first date instead of the dogged familiarity of a marriage. This three-hour workshop, focused on short writing exercises and self-editing, aims to help you create that sense of intensity and the unexpected in your writing. It will also demonstrate the value of subtlety, restraint and precision, and the importance of what is not said, of what can be suggested beyond those relatively few words on the page. All you need to bring is pen and paper, and a love of story and language.

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