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Plotting the Novel: A Workshop on the Devious Art of Plotting with John Harman (PNW163)

Saturday April 2nd

john-harmanA good plot is both the skeleton and sinews of the story, providing direction, definition and the power to move readers’ feelings to a satisfactory resolution. Yet many writers find plotting difficult. By understanding and experimenting with the nine-point arc of a typical plot, workshop participants will learn the devious art of plotting, discovering that plots are driven by the wilful or unconscious desires of the protagonists and that plot and character are two sides of the same coin —that the deepest desires and true personality traits of the major characters can only be unravelled through the exigencies of the plot. Getting the plot and character perfectly entwined is both the storyteller’s craft and art.

The structure of a story may be viewed as analogous to a journey

 a compass —   the premise… theme… threads.

a map    —     the plot.

an engine —   the motivation of the protagonist (plus other central characters).

the fuel  –     dialogue…  which drives the story.

The depth, dimensionality and authenticity of the plot are vital.  As the story may be a quest — either a physically or a psychologically dangerous journey in which the protagonist has a very hard time ? the writer needs to create a subtly structured yet believable chain of events that subjects the characters to all the physical, emotional and mental punishment the story is about to hand out.

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