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Landscape Poetry with John Charles Ryan

Landscape Poetry with John Charles Ryan (FINISHED)

18th April 2015 (1.30- 4.30 pm)

The Sssss of Landscape Poetry: Sense, Spirit, Science, Song, Story

Ever wandered lonely as a cloud, like William Wordsworth? With glimpses of creeks and a vision of mosses, like Henry Kendall? With the cold clean pulse of the tide, the touch of sea in greeting, like Judith Wright? Finding the right words for the natural world is the art of landscape poetry. Infusing your writing with sense, spirit, science, song and story will put nature on the page. Come animate your verse by exploring the five sssss of landscape poetry in this interactive three-hour workshop. We’ll begin by reading, thinking about and discussing examples from Australian landscape poetry. We’ll then venture into the bushland surrounding Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre to exercise our senses and practice finding words for flora, fauna, fungi, sky, soil, stones.

John Ryan is a landscape poet and environmental philosopher. He is the author of the botanical poetry and illustration book Two With Nature (2012, Fremantle Press) and a number of other titles about the South-West Australian environment, including Green Sense (2012, TrueHeart Press).

Members $38 or Non Members $48

Saturday’s weather looks good – 26 c and sunny. Please remember to bring pen, paper, walking shoes, and any other things that you might require for writing outdoors.

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