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Fired Up: The Tools and Courage to Publish Memoir with Suzanne Covich

Sunday 24th June 2018 1:30pm-4:30pm Spaces still available!

This workshop aims to assist writers to achieve a published memoir. It will focus on the process of writing memoir; ways to keep memories alive, journaling, poetry, art; how to break through walls of silences, the doubts and fears from start to finish. Memoir is not simply a recording of events, that’s the start. How to take hold of them, sink in them, swim in them, how to raise them up, shape them and make them dance across the page while maintaining integrity and keeping safe, is the key. In this workshop, writers will be asked to write the title of their memoir, a plot line and, write the opening paragraph.

Suzanne Covich
Dr Suzanne Covich, author of When We Remember They Call Us Liars (Fremantle Press, 2012) has been writing since her early thirties and has published poetry and short stories in a number of Australian literary journals and anthologies including, Quadrant, Island, Northern Perspective, Southern Review, Meanjin, Poetry Australia, Summer Shorts, New Beginnings and She’s a Train and She’s Dangerous. Her work has also been performed on ABC Radio National. She is the first Australian to win two, National Teaching In Excellence Awards (NEITA) and the editor of A Circle in a Room Full of Squares (2002). Coming from what she calls ‘the other side of the track’ her commitment to education and writing is paramount, as is her ongoing determination to expose silences that erode human dignity.

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