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Fantasy and Speculative Fiction with Liana Joy Christensen (FWLJC1) Saturday 27th May 2017

photo2“What if?” and “Why?” are perennial questions. The writer can chose to explore responses to those questions in a number of different ways. Fantasy and speculative fiction are particularly valuable genres because they allow the writer to slip the moorings of the “real” and set sail into the realm of the imagination. This type of writing may be free, but it is far from chaotic. In order to carry a reader on the journey certain skills and techniques are needed, above and beyond the general requirements of good writing. This workshop examines some highly successful examples of both short and long form fantasy and speculative fiction in order to illuminate some of those skills and techniques. There will be several short writing exercises to allow participants to devise generative “What if?” questions and begin to stock their imaginative writing toolkit. The workshop is suitable for the simply curious as well as people who are already engaged in writing fantasy/speculative fiction works.

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