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Building Tension in Your Novel: Conflict and Theme with Laurie Steed (BTLS1)


Due to unforeseen circumstances the workshop with Laurie Steed has had to be rescheduled to a date later in the year.

Theme: What is a theme? The difference between plot and theme. Ways to ascertain the key theme or themes of one’s work during the revision process. Ways to approach more typical fictional themes to ensure optimum originality in your writing: Subversion, allegory, and metaphor.

Conflict: Find the theme, find the conflict. Waging war: internal and external conflict motivators.

Your protagonist: what do they want and what’s currently in their way? Plot and conflict: building tension throughout your narrative through the use of foreshadowing, revelation and competing wants within the characters.

Great books and stories are hard to put down. They’re compelling, engaging and rewarding all at once.


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