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Day Month Workshop Title Workshop Payment Code
Sat March 10th A Metre and a Half: Familiar and Foreign Poetic Forms with Sanna Peden (please click here) FFSP1
Sat March 17th Detective, Historian, Storyteller: The Arts of the Biographer with Nathan Hobby (please click here) ABNH1
Sun March 25th Flow – The Gentle Art of Seducing Your Muse with Liana Joy Christensen (please click here) SMLC1
Sun April 15th Short Stories: The Second Draft and Beyond with Brooke Dunnell (please click here) SSBD1
Sat April 28th Sombreros and Other Cultural Hats with Rashida Murphy CHRM1
Sat May 12th Writing Memoir, Biography and Autobiography with Josephine Taylor WMJT1
Sat May 26th How to Typeset a Book for Createspace using only MSWord and Windows Paint” with Rosanne Dingli TCRD1
Sat June 9th Recite! Techniques For Remembering and Performing Poetry with Sanna Peden RPSP2
Sun June 24th Fired up: The Tools & Courage to Publish Memoir with Suzanne Covich PMSC1
Sat July 14th Editing Short Fiction: Write drunk, edit sober with Susan Midalia EFSM2
Sun July 29th Writing Your Life Story with Rosemary Stevens (please click here) LSRS1
Sat August 11th The Pro’s and Con’s of Self-Publishing with Glennys Marsdon (please click here) SPGM1
Sat August 25th Drafting and Editing for Publication with Josephine Taylor (please click here) DPJT2
Sun September 9th Editing Your Short Stories (or Fiction) with Shane McCauley (please click here) SSSM1
Sat September 29th Memoir Writing: Writing the Self and Others with Susan Midalia (please click here) WRSM3
Sun October 14th Drafting, Editing and Revising Towards Publication with Ian Reid (please click here) DEIR1
Sat October 27th Write to Unravel: Your Creative Path as a Writer with Nicola-Jane Le Breton (please click here) WTUNB1
Sat November 10th Scavenge! An Introduction to Found Poetry with Sanna Peden FPSP2
Sat November 24th Science Fiction Writing with Shane McCauley SFSM2