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Australian Air Force Cadets – 7 Wing WA

In Honour of AAFC 7 Wing WA

In December 2016, 7 Wing WA AAFC became the first Wing in Australia to have an Honour Roll Board of cadets who died in service. The Honour Board was funded by a DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) grant and researched and designed by Charles Page and Mike Hampson, of RAAFA WA AAFC Branch.

On 5 January 2018 at 7 Wing HQ Australian Air Force Cadets, RAAF Pearce, a glass topped jarrah cabinet was placed under the recently installed Honour Board. The cabinet was designed by Charles Page at the request of Wing Commander (AAFC) Rob Caldera, OC 7 Wing WA. The cabinet displays a copy of the book Wings of Valour. Each cadet has two facing pages of biography and photographs, and the pages will be turned at regular intervals.


For more information about the Australian Air Force Cadets find them on facebook or go to their website.