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Commemorate ANZAC day

Wings of Valour

In Honour of AAFC 7 Wing WA

Finding the names of the West Australian air cadets who died in service ensured they would not be forgotten, but what of their lives? For the sake of their sacrifice, and our heritage, there was a compelling need to put faces to the names and stories to the names. Thus began an intensive search that has reaped great rewards.
And now 7 Wing WA is the first Wing to have a Book of Remembrance, in the form of Wings of Valour by Charles Page. Other copies of the book have been sent to AAFC National HQ, National Library Australia, Australian War Memorial, the RAAF Museum Point Cook, the RAAF Heritage Library, the Battye Library, and the Aviation Heritage Museum, Bull Creek WA.

The book records the brave deeds of the 49 AAFC cadets from Western Australia, who died in service. Of these 49 cadets, 32 died in WWII, 3 in the Korean War, 6 in the Vietnam War, and 8 in tragic accidents.

The stories that unfolded from 70-year-old files never ceased to amaze. Finding these men and their stories was something that needed to be done, because our duty of care extends beyond the field of battle.

We owe these cadets a great debt, but telling their stories through this book, is one way of repaying that debt. Wings of Valour is history written with empathy, and makes for emotional and inspiring reading.

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