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A synopsis is not an outline of contents. This is not where you ramble on about your story’s every little intricate plot line. This is where you gain the interest of the publisher.

Within the synopsis you will need to state the genre. Be specific and don’t just say fiction or non-fiction. That doesn’t explain anything. Is it fantasy? Literary? a reference book? Sci-fi, romance, thriller? children’s book? Crime? Be specific.

Include the Title of your book (if you haven’t come up with one and are struggling to come up with something clever and catchy, then just be descriptive. You can change the title later), and a subtitle. A subtitle is a descriptive expansion on the title.

Give the publisher your estimated word length (for example, 40- 50,000 words)

Have a concept statement, which is like your twenty-five or under word pitch but this time it needs to be between 70- 150 words. This pitch still needs to be written in a strong concise manner, you just have more room to provide an overview of you story.

You only need to include a subject matter if your book is non-fiction. This is where you expand on your concept statement and state how your book is different from all of the other ones about the same topic. This is also where you state your resources, where you got your information from.