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Pitching and submitting your work for publication

This weekend on the 30th of April at 1:30pm – 4:30pm Laurie Steed will be facilitating another workshop here at the Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre. This workshop is another installment into Laurie’s “Writing Short Stories”series and it will be focusing on the final stage of writing: preparing and pitching your work for publication. Having been down this often difficult and laborious road himself, Laurie will provide you with real life advice and helpful tips. Expect to work on grammar, formatting, spelling and professional presentation as well as the benefits and pitfalls of submission, common mistakes and how to send your writing out into the public eye.

Laurie says “the road to publication is a long and unforgiving one. While it’s always difficult to send one’s work out for submission, it’s vital that certain things are done before doing so”.

If you are looking to make a career out of your writing or just want your works to be seen by the public then this workshop will help you reach perfection in the final installment of “Writing Short Stories”.

Laurie has taught writing, publishing and editing (he is on the Editorial Board for Margaret River Press) as well as being the author of a story collection called “You Belong Here”. He is currently working on a novel-in-stories called “The Bear”. He specializes in short-fiction and is very interested in helping emerging writers develop and, eventually, publish their work.

Feedback from past Laurie Steed workshops:

LLaurie Steedaurie is a great teacher and facilitator. Very good at keeping us on track and letting the discussion flow.” – Writing Short Stories: Plot and Theme

Laurie is clearly passionate and knowledgeable, learned loads, thank you!” – Writing Short Stories: Plot and Theme

Loved it all!” – Writing Short Stories: Plot and Theme

While the information presented was very helpful, the most inspiring thing was hearing Laurie’s own personal experience and passion” – Writing Short Stories: Creating Memorable Fictional Characters

More workshops!” – Writing Short Stories: Creating Memorable Characters in Fiction

It was great to learn about Laurie’s personal processes for getting to know his characters.” – Writing Short Stories: Creating Memorable Characters in Fiction

If you would like to apply for this workshop you may click on this link. You will also find the flyer detailing the time, date, and location of the workshop as well as information on how to attend via Skype. Call us on (08) 9301 2282 if you have any questions.

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