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First Draft Writers Group

Venue: Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre, Edith Cowan House,

Bldg 20, ECU Joondalup Campus

Convenor: Gayle Malloy

Time: 1 – 4 pm

Now in Recess until February 2021!

First Draft Group is now in recess for the Christmas-New Year holiday period and for all of January. The group will resume on the first Sunday in February: 7 February 2021 from 1 to 4 pm.

The group will then meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month throughout 2021.

Group Overview

The First Draft Writers Group runs for three hours from 1pm to 4pm. Writers of all descriptions: poets, prose, playwrights, and scriptwriters are welcome to bring first drafts of their work for peer feedback. Scriptwriters and playwrights need to bring multiple copies of their work so that it can be acted out. There are no writing exercises in this group, it is solely for writers to read aloud (or act out) their work and receive feedback.

The First Draft Writers’ Group started as a fledgling group of prose writers to expand to a group that now embraces poets, playwrights, script writers, prose writers of every description and on one occasion a song writer. This inclusive group welcomes all creative writers and the group benefits from the diversity of talents and the mediums presented. Group members read the actors parts for our playwrights so that they can benefit from hearing not only the audience response, but also where their dialogue stumbles and is hard for an actor to say.  Prose writers vary from child and young adult book writers to fantasy book writers to novelists exploring difficult social and historical situations. Our poets contribute their love of metaphor and beauty of language.

All group members are encouraged to give positive feedback and to give suggestions on alternative ways to improve a sentence or paragraph if that is deemed necessary. Everyone benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the individual group members.

We have chosen the term ‘First Draft’ as this implies that the piece presented is a work in progress and with suggestions and feedback it can be improved. Our participants range from writers who have already had work published to neophytes who are just beginning their writing journey,  All are on an equal footing as they are all sharing their first draft of a piece of work.

The group is a safe welcoming group for all types of writers where their feedback is valued.

Each participant is allocated a set amount of time for reading their work and getting feedback. The time per participant depends on the  number of attendees at each session.

Gayle Malloy who convenes the group has had her plays performed in America, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. She has won the Todhunter Literary Award and her short stories are published.

The first session that you attend is free, thereafter the cost is $5.

First Draft Writers Group is an open group. We welcome all new participants. If you are hesitant to read your work to the group, there will be no pressure put on you. Listen to other writers’ work, meet new people, and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits with a friendly group of writers.