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Memoir Writing Made Simple with Maureen Helen (MMS169) Sunday June 12th 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

This weekend is Maureen-Helen’s Memoir Writing Made Simple workshop. On Sunday, 12th June Maureen-Helen will be hosting a workshops on the best and simple ways of writing your memoir.
The workshops will help you to combine ways to shape an incident from real life, into the form of a short memoir for publication, or for your own enjoyment, making this workshop suitable for any writing level and any writing goal.
For those who are unfamiliar with the work of Maureen-Helen she is an experienced writer and has facilitated many writing groups. She is the author of Other People’s Country and Elopement: a Memoir. She also has a PhD in Writing.
If you’re still not sure whether this workshop is for you, take a look at the testimonials written by participants of Maureen-Helen’s last workshop “Kickstart Your Writing”:
“The “How to get started” practical tips were inspiring and refreshingly honest”
“3 hours was not long enough….!”
“It was great. Best I’ve been to”
“Very glad I chose to attend, got so much out of it (motivation) and will be back again!”
“A very supportive and informative environment, delivered casually and in an approachable way, ideal for those starting out.”
If you like the sound of these comments and want to register you can find the application page in the link provided, you can also find more information on times, what to bring and how to get to PCWC.
There are discounted prices for members as well, so if you think you might be interested in all that PCWC has to offer then take the time to apply for membership.

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