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Dealing With Rejection.

Here’s how to deal with rejection from a publisher.

  1. Have courage.
    • It takes courage to put your work out in the world and it will face rejection. You are giving it a chance to be noticed if you do put it out there.
  2. Be patient.
    • People are busy. Very busy. They can’t get back to you right away.
  3. Take feedback on board.
    • Feedback is normally give if the publisher sees promise in you. They are normally too busy to give feedback, so take their advice on board and use it.
  4. Don’t stop writing.
    • Even if one publisher doesn’t like your work, that doesn’t mean that no one else will. For all you know, your work might have just been the wrong fit for the publisher.
  5. Listen to your gut.
    • Address any issues from the feedback given before. Make changes. Better your work. If the piece keeps getting rejected, think about why that might be happening.
  6. Build thick skin.
    • No one liked getting rejection. The trick is to not let the rejection get to you.
  7. Rejection isn’t personal.
    • You are not the only person submitting work. The work just might not be the right piece for what the publisher is after.
  8. Be classy.
    • Harassing the publishers via email, phone calls and social media is never a good idea. It will only make you look bad.
  9. Take a break.
    • Rest is important. Look after yourself and your writing will benefit as well.
  10. Don’t give up.

You aren’t the only person submitting work, in fact, you’re just another submission in the ever growing pile of submissions. The rejection isn’t personal.  Keep writing.