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Helpful Hints To Help You Get Published

Peter Cowan Writers Centre Inc. is a not-for-profit writing centre. Our centre’s focus is on conducting writing workshops, groups and competitions. We are NOT a publisher, or a literary agent, and therefore do NOT accept manuscripts for review, assessment or publication. We also do NOT offer manuscript editing services. Please do NOT send us manuscripts. The following information is a guide only to the publishing process, and writers need to do their own due diligence on organisations or publishers mentioned in the following information.

State Writing Centres

Each state in Australia has a state writing organisation. In West Australia, our peak body is WritingWA. The WritingWA website has information on the publishing process, writing competitions, events and a list of qualified authors/editors/manuscript assessors (paid services) which can be found in the Literati section. WritingWA also produces free e-newsletters which writers may subscribe to here.  In other Australian states, please refer to:

ACT Writers, NT WritersQueensland Writers Centre, TasWriters, Writing NSW, Writers South Australia,  Writers Victoria

The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for authors and provides Advocacy, Support and Advice to its members. Some resources on the site are free and writers can sign up to their free e-newsletter.


For editing services, aside from information on each state’s writing website, please see the Institute of Professional Editors. There are branches in most Australian states or territories. The links to these branches can be found here:

Finding An Agent

In Australia, it is not essential for an author to be represented by an agent before approaching a publisher. Authors can submit to publishers and manuscript prizes without being represented by an agent. An agent, however, can be very beneficial in handling contract negotiations between authors and publishers.

Literary agents try to find a publishing house that will purchase the author’s manuscript. They handle contract negotiations and may act as the author’s manager. They also handle media deals and look after most of the author’s business affairs.

If you would like to pursue trying to find a literary agent to represent you, please visit the Australian Literary Agents’ Association website for a list of their member Australian agents and information on the type of authors and manuscripts each agent represents:

Australian Literary Agents’ Association (austlitagentsassoc.com)

Review of Publishing Contracts

For authors who are not represented by an agent, the Australian Society of Authors will review publishing contracts for writers, but you must be a member of the ASA to access this service: https://www.asauthors.org/services/contract-assessment

Manuscript Prizes

There are a number of manuscript prizes on offer for full length fiction and non-fiction works, novellas, and poetry or short story collections here in Australia and internationally. We will update this page with this information in the coming months. PCWC wishes all writers good luck with submission of their manuscripts.