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Helpful groups/society to join

Australian Society of Authors is a professional association for Australian authors and illustrators. They provide support, advice and advocacy in matters relating to the professional practice of authors and Illustrators. The ASA is run by a small team with backgrounds in writing, publishing and arts administration. The ASA was formed in 1963 to protect and promote the rights of Australian authors and illustrators. To view their services or sign up to their newsletter click the link below.

Here is the link  

Scam Warning 

You do not need to register your work for copyright in Australia as protection automatically applies when your artwork is created. the website copyright-australia.com gives the purpose to “register and protect your creative works”, but the Australian Society of Authors regard this site as a scam and warn against providing personal information and credit card details.

The Australian Copyright Council offers legal advice and advocate for better knowledge of Australian Copyright Laws.


Australian Society of Editors WA provide professional services to editors, proofreaders and others in the written communication industries. The WA branch provide information and advice for prospective clients and a register of freelance editors. They hold monthly meeting for members as well as a newsletter and email mailing list for advice and support.

Here is the link