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Glen Phillips Poetry Prize 2015


The Awards Celebration for the Glen Phillips Poetry Prize was held on Saturday 7th November 2015.

Carolyn Abbs, Judge, Shane McCauley, Kevin Gillam, Jan Napier and President, Susan Stevens at Awards Celebration  Carolyn Abbs, our Judge Shane McCauley, Kevin Gillam, Jan Napier and our President, Susan Stevens

We were lucky enough to have some of our winners available to read their poems to the assembly.

The Winners were:

First Place was ‘The Hum of Being’ by Chris Konrad

Second Place was ‘Like a Diving Bell’ by Tim Collins

Third Place was ‘A Lover’s Guide to Musical Terms’ by Rita Tognini

Kevin Gillam reading his poetry  Kevin Gillam reading his poetry

Carolyn Abbs reading her poetry Carolyn Abbs reading her poetry

Highly Commended Certificates went to:

Gail Willems for ‘Double Symmetry’

Carolyn Abbs for ‘The Pain of Faces’

Kevin Gillam for ‘The Map Breathers’

Josephine Clarke for ‘Aftermath’

Jan Napier reading her poetry  Jan Napier reading her poetry

Commended Certificates went to:

Chris Konrad for ‘Canto LXXIV.6’

Jan Napier for ‘Blue’

Hessom Razavi for ‘Dreams’

Rita Tognini for ‘Hansel and Gretel in Australia’

Judge’s Report with President’s Comments  2015 Glen Phillips Poetry Prize Judge’s Report with President’s Comments 2