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Creative Writing Workshops 2017

The Best Words in Their Best Order with Susan Midalia (BWSM1) Sunday 12th March 2017

Building Tension in Your Novel with Laurie Steed (BTLS1) Saturday 25th March 2017

Science Fiction Writing with Shane McCauley (SFSM1) Saturday 8th April 2017

Creating Your Premise: How to Engage Your Reader with Rosanne Dingli (CPRD1) Saturday 13th May 2017

Fantasy and Speculative Fiction with Liana Joy Christensen (FWLJC1) Saturday 27th May 2017

Point of View in Prose with Brooke Dunnell (PVBD1)

Devising Credible Plots and Characters with John Harman (CWJH1)

Drafting and Editing for Publication with Josephine Taylor (DEJT1)

Editing and Revising Short Stories with Brooke Dunnell (ERBD2)

Writing To Unravel: Your Authentic Path as a Creative Writer with Nicola-Jane Le Breton (WTNB1)

Short Stories and the Bigger Picture with Susan Midalia (SSSM3)

Detail and Description in Short Stories with Brooke Dunnell (DDBD3)