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2017 Glen Phillips Poetry Prize Competition

Left to right.  Vivienne Glance (Competition Judge) and Scott-Patrick Mitchell (1st place winner)

Left to right.  Youth Award, and Commended: Yanika O’Brien; 1st place, and Highly Commended: Scott-Patrick Mitchell; Vivienne Glance (Competition Judge); Highly Commended: Shey Marque; Novice Award: Anne Casey

?GLEN PHILLIPS POETRY PRIZE FOR 2017 ? the winners are:

1st place: Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Adult) from WA.
2nd place: David Terelinck (Adult) from QLD.
3rd place: Robert Wallis (Adult) from VIC.

Novice Award: Anne Casey (Adult & Novice) from NSW.
Youth Award: Yanika O’Brien (Youth & Novice) from WA.

Highly Commended:

Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Adult) from WA.
Shey Marque (Adult) from WA.
Jan Napier (Adult) from WA.
Veronica Lake (Adult & Novice) from WA.


Damen O’Brien (Adult) from QLD.
Robert Wallis (Adult) from VIC.
Yanika O’Brien (Youth & Novice) from WA.
Gregory Piko (Adult) from NSW.

Please click here for the Judge’s Report:GPPP 2017

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