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20th Anniversary Competition Results

The Winners of the Anniversary Competition

Winners of the Anniversary Competition

Ena Willemsen, Professor Dennis Haskell, Judge, Susan Stevens, President, Robert Leishman, Shane McCauley, Coral Carter and Fran Jones.

First Place went to Shane McCauley for ‘Ant mounds, Exmouth’.

Second Place went to Bill Bean for ‘Figures on a Canvas’.

Third Place went to Gabrielle Rowe for ‘Kalare’

The Novice Award went to Fran Jones for ‘Collision’

The Rhyming Award went to Pippa Kay for ‘At a barbecue by the river’

The Prose Award went to Ena Willemsen for ‘The Wombat Roads’

The Poetry Award went to Shane McCauley for ‘Rottnest’

The winners of the Highly Commended Certificates were:

Christine Johnson for ‘Tying the Knot’

Chris McDonald for ‘The Market’

Coral Carter for ‘Dear diary’

Chris Konrad for ‘Creation Echoes’

The winners of the Commended Certificates were:

Carmel Lillis for ‘The Hollow Heart’

Kevin Gillam for ‘Bent truth and belief’

Robert Leishman for ‘The Mopoke’s Lament’

Shane McCauley for ‘Balingup Spring’

Everyone who attended enjoyed the event and we had a lovely Spring day for it.

Enjoying the Awards Celebrations