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2021-2023 Four Centres Emerging Writers Program



At Peter Cowan Writers Centre, we are excited to once again run the Emerging Writers Program for talented up and coming writers in Perth.

The Four Centres Emerging Writers Program is supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and is administered by Fremantle Press.

The program, which is a series of workshops, mentorships and special events, is designed to assist writers to complete a polished manuscript ready to submit to a publisher by the end of the two years. PCWC will post updates throughout the two-year program which you will find HERE. 

After receiving a lot of great submissions, we are now proud to present our new group of emerging writers, and we wish them all the best on the program. We can’t wait to see what they all manage to achieve over the next two years.

Meet our amazing new 2021-2023 Four Centres EWP cohort:

Participants: Ivy Bazley, Pip Brennan, Jonathan Catling, Lydia Evans, Andrew Levett, Daphne Milne, Carolyn Parker, Andrew Robson, Sharon Rodgers, Lisa Rodrigues, Karen Taylor, Zac Stanes

Ivy Bazley 

I graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2001 with a BA degree in Writing, which I have hardly used, as I went on to find employment as a Night Manager (glorified cleaner) in NZ, and, a Gaming Machine Attendant at the Crown Casino, Perth.

While I loved working at the Casino, Covid19 lockdowns put a spanner in my works, so I bit the bullet and retired in January this year. And now, to my absolute joy, I write every day.

My ‘stomping ground’ is the Northern Suburbs, specifically Nollamara. It’s the perfect spot, being 20 minutes’ drive from everywhere (mostly).

I’m a talented shower-singer, and a positive delight to know. I think so anyway.  Just – don’t ask anyone who lives with me – they may have a different opinion.

Pip Brennan

Pip Brennan lives in Perth, Australia where she was born in the mid-1960s and has lived in Perth, Greece and the UK. Her life in Perth and Europe was pleasant and interesting – until 2002 when at the age of 36 she survived a home invasion and assault two years after returning to Perth permanently.

Her first book Not My Story was self-published in 2014 and follows her journey of healing and recovery from the trauma of the assault. By day a not-for-profit Executive Director for our state’s patient advocacy organisation, Pip writes on the weekends.

Jonathan Catling

Writing came late to me even though words have always been part of my life. One day I read a book about writing a book and something changed. Perhaps I stopped moving long enough for the idea to catch my attention, tossed amidst the others, like dandelion seeds, looking for a place to settle. Only this time it was like a request, like it wanted to be told, and so I stopped to listen.

There is a question about life that every human understands, though cannot answer. I can’t either, but I know I’m heading down the right path.


Lydia Evans

Lydia has been a Perth copywriter since 2006. Along the way, she’s reproduced twice, rescued three shih-tzus, renovated two homes and managed to stay married. She loves writing comedy and, after some stand-up comedy success, is attempting her first novel.


Andrew Levett

A. R. Levett B.A., B.Cmm.(Hons) is an award-winning, emerging WA author. He has had multiple poems and short stories published in a variety of Australian and international publications, such as Creatrix, Poetry for the Planet, and The Writers’ Magazine. His Story Mentoring services help writers hone their skills and turn their ideas into engaging stories. He has taught at Edith Cowan University and the Albany Summer School, served on the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre board of management, and runs regular creative writing classes at the Fellowship of Writers WA. He is writing a speculative-fiction series.

www.thestorymentor.com.au or www.arlevett.weebly.com

Daphne Milne

Daphne lives in Fremantle. She writes poems, flash fiction, short stories. Her work is published in print/on line in magazines and anthologies internationally. She is a KSP fellow for 2021. Her pamphlet The Blue Boob Club published by Indigo Dreams is available direct from Daphne.  She was chosen as a Poetry Kit contemporary poet for 2020.  www.poetrykit.org  daphnemilne. Interviewed regularly on local radio, https://fremantleshippingnews.com.au/2020/07/07/poets-paddock-daphne-milne/ she has been invited to read for BBC radio [UK] and will represent Peter Cowan Writers Centre at Perth poetry festival 2021.

Carolyn Parker

Carolyn resides in the Northern suburbs of Perth with her husband Matthew and two young adult sons.

In 2020 Carolyn was awarded the Novice Commendation in the Peter Cowan Writers Centre Member Only Flash Fiction Competition for her piece of horror flash; The Fear.

It Had to be Love was highly commended in the open category of the Peter Cowan Writers Centre 600-word Short Story Competition in 2021.

In July 2021 her PG rated horror story, Giggles, was shortlisted in the KSP Writers Centre Spooky Story Competition and subsequently published by Wild Weeds Press in the anthology “Just a Voice”.

Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson grew up in the beach side suburb of Scarborough and works as a criminal defence lawyer.

Andrew’s novel Tsunami asks the question – how many people do we have within us?

An Australian woman is in a Thai hospital having lost her memory following the 2004 Tsunami.

Thai twins go their separate ways, one a monk, the other a gangster.

An expat searches for his former wife who has gone missing, unravelling secrets about her, and putting not only his liberty, but also his life at risk.

Each person must reassess everything they believe to get to the truth.

Sharon Rodgers

Sharon is a West Australian Writer. She has been writing for most of her life and completed a BA Creative Writing Honors with Edith Cowan University in 2017.

She won the 2016 Edith Cowan Talus Poetry prize and has had work published in Womankind magazine and Unipoll.

Sharon is a member of the Peter Cowan Writers Centre.

She is currently working on her first novel.

Sharon enjoys spending time with her family exploring Western Australia and reading.

Zachariah Stanes

Zachariah Stanes is an eternally tired and unfortunately confused writer of prose. Sustained only by absurd quantities of coffee and the end goal of eventually having an official novel published.

With an abundance of interest and anything but a lack of ideas, he will continue to write his smattering of genre vague, rambling fiction until eventually, something gets published.


Lisa Rodrigues

Lisa Rodrigues is an Eurasian writer in her 30-somethings based in Perth, Western Australia. Her natural environment used to be goth clubs, but these days she’s more likely found rollerskating or doing acrobatics by the beach.

She was first published in 2019. In 2020 she won the KSP Writer’s Centre ‘Spooky stories’ competition and was a finalist in Writing WA’s ‘Flashing the cover’ competition.

She has a degree in Communications which she mostly uses to work in COVID-19 communications campaigns for the State Government. She’s also been a member of the KSP Writing Centre board since 2020.

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor is a passionate educator of Humanities and Social Sciences with a special interest in 20th Century History. She has been writing fiction for four years, working towards her dream of publishing a full-length thriller novel, set between the present and recent past in Perth, Western Australia. In 2018, as she began her creative writing journey, she won the Novice Award for her short story ‘Dust’ in the Trudy Graham Julie Lewis Literary Award for Prose Fiction as well as second place in the Armadale Writers’ Award.