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Science Fiction Writing with Shane McCauley (SFSM1) Saturday 8th April 2017

Poet Shane McCauley
Shane McCauley

The aim of this workshop is to develop a sense of your own voice and style as a writer of fiction.

This is an opportunity to explore the very nature of story-telling, from pre-historic origins through myth and legend, fairytale and anecdote, fable and modern realism.

Both the theory and practice of short fiction writing will be considered in various ways, though the emphasis will be placed on honing skills through many practical and entertaining exercises. Individual feedback will be given, as well as periodic critiquing of stories by the group as a whole.

The workshop will focus on the traditional ingredients of the story, such as methods of characterisation, plotting (or not!), establishing point of view, creating setting and atmosphere. Key techniques such as writing dialogue, when, how and why to begin and end stories will also be practised. Considerable time will be allocated to the all-important area of editing and re-drafting.

Generating ideas will be another topic of investigation, and the sometimes tricky business of the borders between truth and fiction will be examined. By the end of this workshop, it is hoped that participants will be writing stories confidently and submitting them successfully to literary and other journals and to the many story competitions on offer in Australia and elsewhere.

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