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Scavenge! An Introduction to Found Poetry with Sanna Peden

Poetry is everywhere, all it takes is for someone to write it down – or, to erase the bits that aren’t poetry. In this workshop you will learn to excavate poetry from sources that may not seem to contain any at first glance, and develop your poetic instincts in the process. The workshop is suitable for writers of any level who are interested in experimenting with different kinds of poetry, or who want to learn how to find inspiration faster.

Sanna Peden

Sanna Peden is a lapsed academic and recovering writer with an interest in character, research and performance. Sanna is a regular reader in Perth’s spoken word world; her poetry has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Visible Ink, Westerly and is forthcoming in the Poetry D’Amour anthology. Sanna has taught writing, public speaking and research skills for several years at the University of Western Australia.


Title: “Scavenge! An Introduction to Found Poetry ” with Sanna Peden
Date: Due to unforeseen circumstance this workshop will be rescheduled to a later date.
Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm
Cost: $38 for members, $48 for non-members
Venue: Peter Cowan Writers Centre, Edith Cowan House, Building 20, ECU Joondalup Campus, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup.

Call (08) 9301 2282 or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

Directions to the Centre: From Lakeside Drive to Deakin Road, enter Car Park 14. There is a visitors parking area, near the Gymnasium and Child Care Centre. Parking is free over weekends.

Please click the Map to Venue.