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Trudy Graham Julie Lewis Literary Award for Prose

Picture of Group at TGJL

The Trudy Graham Julie Lewis Literary Award for Prose results with the Judge’s Report and President’s Comments are now available on the Competition Page.

First Place was awarded to Kerrin O’Sullivan for ‘The Last Days of Rue Bebelons”.

Second Place was awarded to Erica Woolgar for “The Woman who loved Owls”

Third Place was awarded to Cassie Hamer for “The Little Death”

The Judge’s Encouragement Award for Youth went to Courtney Ingvarson for “Drift”

Susan Stevens, President, Courtney Ingvarson Winner Judge's Encouragement Award for Youth and Maureen-Helen, Judge picture 2

PCWC President, Susan Stevens with Courtney Ingvarson winner of the Judge’s Encouragement Award for Youth, with the Judge, Maureen-Helen.

The four Highly Commended Certificates went to

Natalie Truong for “Escaping Vietnam”

Elizabeth Hobbs for “What is This?”

Carmel Lillis for “Red Work”

Tom Slack for “The Chocolate Maker”

The four Commended Certificates went to

Heather Webster for “Which came First?”

Jean Snelling for “Our Special Place”

Willa Hogarth for “Death Cafe”

Peter Newell for “Letter to Ingrid”

We also had one very special visitor to the Awards Celebrations.  And he is our very favourite four legged companion animal.  His name is Rupert and he decided that he would like to get into the picture as well.  Here he is with Courtney and her mother.


Rupert with Courtney and her mother.

How to Write a Memorable Short Story for Youth 12-18 (WFYTE1)

Monday, 14th September 2015
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Susan MidaliaA creative writer is someone who loves words and who, by using his or her imagination, tries to think beyond the obvious and predictable.

This workshop will encourage you to use your creativity by practising short exercises, both oral and written: for example, imagining yourself as a colour or a place; structuring a story through the use of different points of view; creating a character in three sentences; asking you to write the next sentence to a story that begins: “One day Jack woke up to find his socks walking out the door.”

You will even be encouraged to break the rules: to write about something that’s physically impossible – like those walking socks for example; or to make up your own words. All you need to bring to the workshop is some writing equipment, your enthusiasm and a willingness to try something new.

Unfortunately this workshop is now fully booked out.

Cost: $15

To join, fill out an Online Registration Form. For further details, click the Flyer .

Please bring pen and some papers.

Call (08) 9301 2282, or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

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To join via Skype




So You Want to Write Poetry 2 with Shane McCauley (WP1615)

Saturday August 20th

Poet Shane McCauley

This workshop will cater for all those who have been interested in writing poetry, but have yet to try, as well as those who have already begun the journey into the art and craft of poetry but want to find out more.

We will look at such matters as: poetry, verse and worse; the fundamentals of imagery, sound and form; poetic strengths and weaknesses (i.e. what can go wrong!); and particular types of poetry suitable for beginners (such as haiku and other short forms). Useful and entertaining practical exercises will be included. We will also look ahead to other practical matters such as submitting poems to journals and the many competitions currently available in Australia.

The workshop aim to be as wide-ranging as possible within the three-hour time frames. As indicated, they are firmly aimed both at ‘beginners’, as well as those already afflicted by the poetry bug!

Please click onto our Online Registration Form to enrol immediately. For further details please click the Flyer.

Call (08) 9301 2282 or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquires.

To join via Skype

Directions to the Centre: From Lakeside Drive to Deakin Road, enter Car Park 14. There is a visitors parking area, near the Gymnasium and Child Care Centre. Parking is free over weekends.   Please click the ECU map.

Beyond The First Draft: Preparing Your Work For Submission (BFDLS1)

Dr. Steed

Saturday, 15th August 2015, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

So you have a draft but are not sure of the next steps? Come along to this three hour session to learn more about what you can do to move your draft forward:

  • Formatting
  • Strong beginnings and endings
  • Common errors  in submitted stories

Your story doesn’t have to be perfect. Just show up and you’re well on your way towards writing memorable, original, and ultimately more publishable fiction.

Unfortunately this workshop is now booked out.

$38 Members $48 Non-members

For further details, click the Flyer.

Call (08) 9301 2282, or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

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To join via Skype

For more information about Dr. Laurie Steed, visit his website.

The Intelligent Skilful & Evocative Use of Language as the Basis of Memorable Writing (IULMW1)

Susan MidaliaSaturday, 5th September 2015
10:00am – 12:00pm

A writer is someone in love with language: words that can unsettle us or move us to tears; that can amuse, enchant, enrage, and nudge us into new ways of looking at the world. But whatever effects you’re aiming for, you should try to use language that’s intelligent – the product of careful thinking; skillful – handled with imaginative flair; evocative – words that suggests much more than the relatively few words on the page.

Using short writing exercises and samples from memorable stories, this workshop encourages you to think beyond the obvious, to find ways of using words to captivate readers from your opening sentence.

Unfortunately this workshop is now fully booked out!

$20 Members $30 Non-members

To join, fill out an Online Registration Form. For further details, click the Flyer .

Please bring pen and some paper.

Call (08) 9301 2282, or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

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To join via Skype

Memoirs/Biography:Editing and Rewriting (MBERW1)

Sunday 12th July 2015 (1:30 pm to 4:30 pm)

Dr. Maureen-Helen

At the end of this three-hour session, participants will understand
• The importance of writing first draft freely without editing or censorship. (Hemingway’s advice to writers to ‘Write drunk, edit sober!’
• The essential role of editing in producing a story
• The need for time and space between first draft and editing
• Skills for structural editing
• How to ask for feedback (who to ask, what you want from them, how to ‘hear’ feedback without being hurt, etc)
• How many drafts and rewrites are enough?

Register Now!

$38 Members $48 Non-members

A few workshop spaces are still available, however register now to avoid disappointment.

Click onto our Online Registration Form  to enrol immediately, or download the Registration Form.    For further details, click the  Flyer

Call (08) 9301 2282, or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

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To join via Skype

Getting Started as a Writer with Dr Maureen-Helen (GSWNW1)

Getting Started as a Writer: Open to All New Writers with Dr Maureen-Helen (GSWNW1)

Sunday 28 June 2015 (1.30-4.30 pm)

Dr. Maureen-HelenAt the end of this three-hour session participants will have some of the basic skills used every day by successful writers. They will understand the importance for writers of:

– Writing every day
– Developing a routine that enables them to write
– Reading every day – all genres are good
– Journal-keeping
– Note-keeping
– Regular exercise
.- Playfulness (‘Play is the intelligence having fun’- Einstein).
– Keeping drama on the page
– Ways to get around self-doubt and self-criticism
– Having several creative projects underway

Register now!

$38 Members $48 Non-members

For further details,click the Flyer.

Call (08) 9301 2282, or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquiries.

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Editing Your Poetry with Shane McCauley (EPWSM1)

Editing Your Poetry with Shane McCauley (EPWSM1)
Saturday 30 May 2015 (1.30- 4.30 pm)

This workshop aims to encourage an objective critical attitude to the poems we write by considering building-blocks such as phrasing, structure, implication, observation and the element of surprise. It provides a useful supplementary session to the March Introduction to Poetry Workshop, as well as being helpful to anyone who wants to hone their poetry technique or consolidate their poetic voice.

The focus is firmly on practical matters – how to shape a poem, what to include and exclude, how to utilise imagery to best effect, how to incorporate sounds and rhythms in both traditional and free poetic forms.   We will examine examples of the good and the not-so-good (and along the way meet a certain Mr William McDonagall).

Participants are encouraged to bring a few copies of a poem for group
discussion (depending on time available) though this is by no means compulsory. Although those attending should leave having gained more insight into their writing practice, we should also have enjoyed ourselves along the way!

Register now!

$38 Members $48 Non-members

To know more, check the Flyer .

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Writing Powerful Poetry with Jackson

Writing powerful Poetry with Jackson

Sunday 17 May 2015 (1.30- 4.30 pm)

A student once asked me, ‘When I read a great poem, I feel something. Why?’ This workshop will focus on some of the answers to that question. Learn how to express emotions in your poems. See how great poets manipulate words to make magic and mystery. Find out how form creates feeling. We’ll read and discuss a selection of published poems, and get inspired to write our own. Whether you’re a curious beginner or already well-versed, you’re sure to have fun. Don’t forget your writing materials!

Unfortunately Jackson’s workshop for this Sunday is now fully booked out with no more spaces available.

Members $38 or Non Members $48

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Short Fiction Stories Under 600 Words With Susan Midalia

Edith Cowan House Morning

Short Fiction: Stories Under 600 Words (FINISHED)

7th March 2015 (1.30-4.30pm) Short Fiction Stories Under 600 Words with Susan Midalia

Members $38 or Non Members $48

Writing a short story of less than 600 words means giving readers a bracing shot of whisky instead of a mature bottle of wine. It means recreating the thrill of a first date instead of the dogged familiarity of a marriage. This three-hour workshop, focused on short writing exercises and self-editing, aims to help you create that sense of intensity and the unexpected in your writing. It will also demonstrate the value of subtlety, restraint and precision, and the importance of what is not said, of what can be suggested beyond those relatively few words on the page. All you need to bring is pen and paper, and a love of story and language.

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