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Editing Your Poetry with Shane McCauley (EPWSM1)

Editing Your Poetry with Shane McCauley (EPWSM1)
Saturday 30 May 2015 (1.30- 4.30 pm)

This workshop aims to encourage an objective critical attitude to the poems we write by considering building-blocks such as phrasing, structure, implication, observation and the element of surprise. It provides a useful supplementary session to the March Introduction to Poetry Workshop, as well as being helpful to anyone who wants to hone their poetry technique or consolidate their poetic voice.

The focus is firmly on practical matters – how to shape a poem, what to include and exclude, how to utilise imagery to best effect, how to incorporate sounds and rhythms in both traditional and free poetic forms.   We will examine examples of the good and the not-so-good (and along the way meet a certain Mr William McDonagall).

Participants are encouraged to bring a few copies of a poem for group
discussion (depending on time available) though this is by no means compulsory. Although those attending should leave having gained more insight into their writing practice, we should also have enjoyed ourselves along the way!

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