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Editing and Revising Short Stories with Brooke Dunnell (ERBD2) Sunday 20th August 2017


This is the second of three workshops with Brooke. This workshop will cover the elements to consider and tips for editing and revising short stories, as well as first drafts into shape from the overall structure, down to individual sentences. Attendees will learn how to ‘kill your darlings’, identify unwanted gaps and work each work to produce a story that if ready for submission.




Please click onto our Online Registration Form to enrol immediately. For further details please click the Flyer

Call (08) 9301 2282 or email cowan05@bigpond.com for further inquires.


Directions to the Centre: From Lakeside Drive to Deakin Road, enter Car Park 14. There is a visitors parking area, near the Gymnasium and Child Care Centre. Parking is free over weekends.   Please click the Map to Venue.