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A Metre and a Half: Familiar and Foreign Poetic Forms with Sanna Peden

This Saturday 10th March 2018 1:30pm-4:30pm-Spaces still available!

This workshop will explore two very different poetic metres: the iambic pentameter and the trochaic tetrameter, best known from Shakespearean sonnets and Finnish folk poetry respectively. We will explore the structure and themes of these poetic traditions, and use a combination of original texts as well as prose and lyric translations as a starting point for writing your own poems in these classic metres. The workshop is suitable for poets of any level who want to increase their poetic arsenal and experiment with both familiar and unusual poetic styles.

Sanna Peden is a lapsed academic and recovering writer with an interest in character, research and performance. Sanna is a regular reader in Perth’s spoken word world; her poetry has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Visible Ink, Westerly and is forthcoming in the Poetry D’Amour anthology. Sanna has taught writing, public speaking and research skills for several years at the University of Western Australia, and is currently translating the Finnish folk epic The Kalevala.

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Directions to the Centre: From Lakeside Drive to Deakin Road, enter Car Park 14. There is a visitors parking area, near the Gymnasium and Child Care Centre. Parking is free over weekends.

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