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Life Hacker

Life Hacker is a blog that features an article about how to self-publish a book, which includes links, advice, tips and steps to follow.

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She Writes Press

She Writes Press was founded so that there was a company where authors would be invited to publish based on the merit of their writing alone. The company gives constructive feedback on the submissions and their primary goal is to get the authors project ready for publication.

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Ingram Spark

Ingram Spark is there to help authors self-publish their books. They want to spread books across the globe in all forms and genres.

With Ingram Spark you can print on demand or you can make your book into an eBook and you can distribute your book everywhere.

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Self-Publishing Group Australia

They can publish the book internationally, help guide the author to success, help the author become a bestselling author, help the author become an internationally selling author, and they can get the author 100% copyright for the entire book and much more.

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