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Podcasts to help with your writing

Do you listen to podcasts? Would you like to know more about the writing realm? Here are some podcasts that may interest you.

Booktopia podcast is a series of interviews with authors about their recently published book. They interview authors of fiction, non-fiction and even food & health.

Rosemary Puddy is a blogger and enthusiast of Australian Women writers. She hosts The Book Podcast, which is inspired by The Stella Prize, and reviews Australian women writers of fiction and non-fiction.

The Garret Writers on Writing is a podcast that interviews Australian writers about writing and their writing craft. The writers represent many genres but the common thread is their success and exploring the best of the best draft.

The Poets Voice was established to increase the role of poetry in the public realm, based on the belief that without poetry an element of our lived experience is lost.

The Book Stash is a podcast series hosted by Ash Oldfield, author of the Rachaya Series, and Steve de Niese. Each episode they talk about what Ash has been reading and the lessons she’s learned. Each episode has great tips and writing prompts to help inspire your own writing.

Valerie Khoo, an author, journalist and national director of the Australian Writers’ Centre, and Alison Tait, an Australian freelance writer, blogger and author, co-host So you want to be a writer. Each week they investigate the world of writing, blogging and publishing to bring their listeners news and opportunities, advice on how to succeed, interviews with top writers and much more.

The First Time podcast is a weekly series dedicated to the first time you publish a book. Debut novelists Katherine Collette and Kate Mildenhall co-host the podcast and interview Australian writers to gain their insight of the publishing world. They cover all the firsts: agents, editors, social media, and reviews.

Plugged and Unplanned is a new podcast series hosted by Tony Nash, CEO of Booktopia. He guests so far have been Steve Sammartino and Bernadette Schwerdt. Tony has extensive experience on online retailing and was recently recognised for his contribution to online retailing in Australian, winning the Industry Recognition Award at the ORIA’s this year.