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How to make your manuscript stand out to a publisher

Begin with the crucial information, such as your name and the title of your submission. Then make sure that the file is attached and that the file is correctly named. Tell them what makes you stand out from the other 7000 submissions they’ve received this month.

Make sure that you are active on your author platform and that you are communicating with your potential readers and buyers.

Your pitch sentence is what the book is about. Nothing else. Just what the book is about. A long synopsis gets lost in translation throughout the process. It’s like Chinese whispers. The shorter and clearer the pitch is, the better it will flow through the ranks.

Include comparison titles so that the book can be linked to established genres, so that the marketing can be tailored to the right readers.

Keep and a balanced tone. Be confident, not conceited.

Be specific. Put your best foot forward at the top of the cover letter.